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A Partnership of Learning

At Mercurio Wealth Advisors, we believe education is the foundation to any sound financial strategy. That’s why we emphasize teaching — not selling — throughout our Retirement 360 Gameplan™ Process, a holistic approach aimed at helping you get to the retirement of your dreams.

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Income Sources

The first aspect of the Retirement 360 Gameplan™ is determining where you will get income from in retirement. Based on what we have learned in the discovery meeting, we will create a plan for your retirement income. This typically includes:

  • Social Security maximization
  • Income & expense analysis
  • Inflation plan
  • Spousal plan
  • Longevity protection

Once your income plan is established, we will create an investment plan for the remaining assets that you do not need to draw from month to month. This typically includes:

  • Assessing your risk tolerance
  • Adjusting your portfolio to reduce fees
  • Volatility control
  • Evaluate ways to reduce risk while still working toward your goals
  • Comprehensive institutional money management.
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Advanced Financial Planning


Risk Management

No financial plan is completely devoid of risks. Our plan includes strategies to minimize risk and balance rewards to suit your situation. This generally involves:

  • Focusing on your risk tolerance vs risk capacity
  • Reviewing and planning for scenarios like loss of income or the need for long term care that could derail your retirement
  • Portfolio risk alignment evaluation
  • Using sophisticated analysis to find the exact amount of risk you, as an investor, are comfortable assuming.

Any comprehensive retirement plan will include a strategy for decreasing tax liabilities. This typically includes:

• Assessing the taxable nature of your current holdings
• Possible IRA planning
• Strategizing ways to include tax-deferred or tax-free money in your plan
• Strategizing which tax category to draw income from first to potentially reduce tax burden
• Discussing ways to leverage your qualified money to leave tax-free dollars to your beneficiaries

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Tax Efficient Strategies

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Medical & Healthcare

We will create a plan to help you address rising healthcare costs with a minimum of expense, including:

• Looking at all aspects of Medicare, Parts A, B and D
• Analyzing options for a long-term care plan

It is important to ensure your hard-earned assets go to your beneficiaries in the most tax efficient manner. By working collaboratively with a qualified estate planning attorney, our goal will be to help you:

• Maximize your estate and income tax planning opportunities
• Protect any assets in trust and ensure they are distributed to your beneficiaries probate-free
• Prevent your IRA and qualified accounts from becoming fully taxable to your beneficiaries upon your death

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Estate Maximization