Our Planning Process

Our Holistic Planning Process

We hold the view that the cornerstone of any robust financial plan is education. This is the reason we prioritize a collaborative learning relationship throughout our Retirement 360 Gameplan™ Process. This comprehensive method is designed to guide you toward achieving the retirement you've always envisioned.


What’s important to you, your family and your legacy? What values shape your decisions and priorities? Are there unique obstacles and challenges between you and your retirement? These are just a few of the matters we’ll discuss at this initial visit, where you can also expect to examine:

• How much money do you spend each month?
• What is your total monthly income (salary, pension, Social Security, rental income, etc.)?
• How much are you contributing to a savings or retirement account?
• Are you more concerned about growth or protecting your wealth?
• Do you wish to leave an inheritance to your family?
• Are you concerned about the high costs associated with long-term care?
• What, if any, major expenses or one-time income sources do you anticipate in the foreseeable future?
• Are there any tax, estate or Medicare planning needs you would like to see addressed?
Using the data, documents and statements you provide, we’ll create your Retirement 360 Scorecard™. We’ll also explain our philosophy, process and RETIREMENT 360 GAMEPLAN™.

Above all, this visit is about listening and learning — a process that goes both ways.

Retirement 360 Scorecard™

This is an in-depth look at where you are now. Through compiling your Retirement 360 Scorecard™, we will perform a portfolio stress test and conduct a thorough income and tax analyses, we’ll answer four important questions:

• Have you saved enough to experience the retirement you’ve always envisioned?
• Will your retirement income keep up with inflation?
• Does your portfolio’s risk match your personal risk tolerance?
• Will Uncle Sam be the biggest beneficiary of your life savings?

With that information in hand, we’ll begin building your personalized RETIREMENT 360 GAMEPLAN™ — and determine how and where we can add value as your life unfolds.

360 Analysis


It’s time to review the details of your custom RETIREMENT 360 GAMEPLAN™, which will include:

• An income plan that will show you the optimal time to take your Social Security and/or pension
• An investment strategy to support your income plan and mirror your risk tolerance
• Tax strategies and additional advanced planning techniques that could save you thousands of dollars

If you’ve made it this far, chances are we’ve mutually decided it makes sense to work together. We’ll make it official — and start the process of putting your RETIREMENT 360 GAMEPLAN™ into play.

Welcome to the Mercurio Wealth Advisors family! In addition to reviewing your RETIREMENT 360 GAMEPLAN™ one more time, we’ll also:

• Implement your Retirement 360 Gameplan™ and start the transfer process.
• Implement advanced planning
• Establish regular strategic/tactical review meetings

You can have added confidence that we will monitor your plan’s performance and make suggestions as needed to ensure it continues to be as successful as possible.