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Financial and retirement planning guidance from the team at Mercurio Wealth Advisors in Louisville, Kentucky. Join Chief Financial Advisor Alan Mercurio and Senior Wealth Advisor Troy Bolton each show for helpful conversations about money, life, and retirement. Step into the Retirement Coach's Corner to learn about 401(k)s, IRAs, income planning, investing, and so much more. If you have any questions, call 502-253-9366, email or visit online for more information.



Alan Mercurio

Alan Mercurio is the Founder and Chief Financial Advisor of Mercurio Wealth Advisors, formerly known as Mercurio & Associates, Inc. Alan has worked in the insurance and annuity industry since 1986, which is when he became licensed in life and health insurance. He earned his Series 66 securities license in 1997 and is currently an Investment Advisor Representative with Mercurio Wealth Management. Alan is a member of the Financial Planning Association, the National Ethics Bureau, the Better Business Bureau, Greater Louisville, Inc., and the Jeffersontown Chamber of Commerce. What does Alan enjoy most about his job? Being able to meet and educate individuals and families in the Kentuckiana community on how to plan and have a successful retirement. Helping families plan for their future is what drives him to find the best possible solutions for each case. While earning the most out of investments is the goal, equally important are tax and estate planning strategies. This approach is vital to curating plans that benefit the individual, whereas you could not receive the same support or care by just relying on internet robo-advisors. Working closely with his clients, Alan endeavors to take their goals, concerns, achievements, and hardships into account in order to steward a plan that is best for the individual.

Since there is no blanket strategy to wealth growth, a detailed and personalized plan is vital for the client’s success. The bridge between client and advisor ultimately becomes a relationship between trusted friends. Alan hosts the Retirement 360 radio show on 840 AM WHAS every Sunday Morning at 11 a.m. He also makes frequent guest-speaking appearances at business functions, nonprofit events, and other social gatherings.


Troy Bolton

Troy Bolton is the President and Senior Wealth Advisor of Mercurio Wealth Advisors and brings over 17 years of experience in the financial industry in a variety of roles in banking, securities, and insurance to the firm. Before joining in 2013 to work beside Alan in leadership and service to our clients, Troy had earned his B.S. in Finance from the University of Louisville, became licensed in life & health insurance, and obtained his Series 65 securities license. One of Troy’s primary focuses is the ongoing education of the community and beyond; empowering existing and future clients with the knowledge they need to be prepared for retirement. As an investment advisor, he holds himself to a fiduciary standard, meaning great care is given to the detailed plan unique to the goals of each client; building those individual partnerships is Troy’s top priority.

You can listen to Troy on 840 AM WHAS as cohost of the Retirement 360 radio show, visit our website to listen to podcasts, and follow us on Facebook to learn more about our ongoing series of classes, seminars and tools for making your retirement successful.

When not in the office, Troy enjoys spending time with his wife and children exploring the local parks and recreation Kentuckiana offers.



Ep 12: Are You Ready to Retire?

When we ask this question to people that meet with us, the answers come in many different forms. For some, they want to retire but can’t financially. Others will be hesitant to make the transition for different reasons. And a third group is actually much better off than they ever believed. Today we’ll discuss one of the most important questions in planning, “Are you ready to retire?”

Ep 13: What You Need to Know About 401(k) Rollovers

When you do a 401(k) rollover, you want to make sure you get it right. We discuss the importance of a rollover and what kinds of things to be aware of throughout the process.

Ep 14: What Is Your Risk Tolerance?

Do you know what your risk tolerance is or why it matters? Alan and Troy break down the basics of what risk is and how it fits into your financial plan.

Ep 15: The Strategy Behind Life Insurance

Is life insurance something you should have as a part of your financial plan? Alan and Troy discuss the reasons you may want to use this financial tool.

Ep 16: Planning for Long-Term Care Expenses

How should you prepare for the possibility of needing long-term care? Is long-term care insurance your only option? Alan and Troy share the basics of how to address long-term care expenses in your financial plan.

Ep 17: All About the House

This one’s on the house--what should you do about your house in retirement? How does it fit into your financial plan?

Ep 18: Preparing for Longevity Risk

What’s the risk of longevity? Does your financial plan prepare for the possibility of living until 100? On today's episode, we'll discuss how longevity impacts your retirement plan.

Ep 19: The Great Resignation

Are you one of the many people resigning from your job right now? What does it mean for your financial plan and financial future?

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