Ep 3: What is Investment Planning?

April 28, 2021

When you first meet with a financial advisor, you might be looking for an investment strategy or even hoping for some affirmation that you’re doing it right. Alan and his team will start by talking about what you want to accomplish, how much income it will take, and what your income plan is. Investment planning builds upon our last episode of the Retirement Coach’s Corner podcast, which focused on income planning. Once your income planning has been established, you have to make sure you maintain growth. The biggest challenge being possible inflation.

Building in a growth model is important to your plan. How do you do that? What kind of risk are you willing to take to do that? When you’re in retirement, you both need a retirement income to depend on and you need money to continue to grow.

Alan speaks to what he does as a tactical manager of your money. How do you know when or how much to get out of the market? Instead of taking a major dive with the market, the goal is to minimize some of the volatility.

Some people are very concerned about fees when it comes to investments. What kind of value does Alan and his team bring? How does the cost get minimized? The fees are tiered and the fee is managed by using investments that don’t have secondary costs. The fees are structured in a way that makes them have a vested interest in your success.

When you go in for a meeting at Mercurio Wealth Advisors, one of their goals is that you leave with more knowledge than you came in. That said, they don’t take on everyone that comes in for a meeting to become a client. It’s important that it’s a good fit and relationship for everyone.

Listen to the entire episode or use the timestamps below to learn more about investment planning.

2:29 – What is the goal for investment planning?

5:11 – How do you balance risk for someone in retirement?

7:47 – What is a tactical manager?

10:50 – How are fees reduced and the value maximized?

13:23 – Not all financial advisors do the same thing.

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