Listen to the Professionals: Jump starting Your Retirement

January 22, 2018

Listen to the Professionals

I have a pretty great bike. It’s a Trek 1200 road bike. Not quite Tour de France-style, but it’s a high-quality, road-worthy machine. I’m a total amateur when it comes to biking, but I’ve logged a 50-miler on my bike, with a bunch of shorter rides along the way. It’s terrific exercise and a cool way to see the countryside.

Which brings us to retirement income. (There’s a connection here, I promise.)

How you start your retirement paycheck plan is the single most important financial decision you will ever make. There are no do-overs. No referee who can go to the replay monitors to see if you got it right. You have one shot at this. No pressure, right?

I didn’t just jump in and buy the first bike with two working wheels that I came across. I did some online research first, visited a few stores, and read some articles about the year’s best road bikes. After all that, I reached out to a professional who spent some time with me, got a good feel for my budget – and more importantly, my goals – and made a recommendation.

Retirement paycheck planning should follow the same path. (See? Told you I would connect them.) You’ll Google it. You’ll ask your friends and maybe read an article or two, or 10, or even 30! Then, as I did, you’ll want to find a professional. Someone who will learn about your goals, understand your budget, and make a recommendation tailored to you and your needs, not a one-size-fits-all, click-bait list.

Picking out the right bike became simple, once I talked to a pro. Retirement planning is no different.